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Marketing Research Ohio travel and tourism market research.

Market Research to Grow Your Lodging Business

How can a market research firm help you, as the owner of a lodging business, to grow your business? Or, as an entrepreneur looking to get into the lodging business, how can a market research firm help you determine if this is indeed a business you want to get into? What marketing research tools can we provide to bring Ohio travelers and tourists to your bnbs, cabins, cottages, condominiums or country inn? Read on…..

Established lodging business owners and marketers

Bed and Breakfasts : Cabins : Cottages : Condos : Country Inns

The following is a list of the market research services Maple Alley Market Research offers, and examples of some of the important questions that they will help you to answer:

Customer satisfaction and retention: Why do my loyal guests come back? Why do some guests never return? What do they like best about my accommodations? Least? How could I get them to spend more when they are here?

Market potential demographics: How many potential guests are out there for my lodging business? What is my share of the tourism market? Who are they, where are they coming from? How can I get more of them to come to my place?!

Tourism Market trends: What trends are going on in the Ohio travel and tourism marketplace that will affect my lodging business in future years?

Tourism Marketing tools: What tourism marketing tools will be most effective for reaching new potential customers and guests? What tourism publications do they read? What TV stations do they watch? Where do they get vacation information?

Competitive analysis: Who are my competitors? How are they marketing their services? How can I differentiate my accommodations from others so that customers will choose my place?

Tourism Industry benchmarking: How are other lodging businesses like mine doing? Is the economy affecting them as much as it is affecting me? Do companies like mine usually make large profits? If so, how much?

Resources: What tourism associations, publications and travel shows can be used to keep current about the industry?

Entrepreneurs considering starting a new lodging business

Bed and Breakfasts : Cabins : Cottages : Condos : Country Inns

Why do so many new businesses, in all industries, fail within two years of starting up?

One of the big reasons is lack of planning and research! You absolutely must do your homework before embarking on any new venture - and the lodging business is no exception. With this information you can then make informed decisions about whether or not to go forward with the business, or what your next steps should be. (By the way, some basic research can sometimes show you that it's time to put the idea to rest - at least for now!). The following is a list of the services Maple Alley offers, and examples of some the important questions that they will help you answer:

Concept testing: Is there a market for my new lodging business in my proposed location?

Tourist Market size and demographics: How many potential customers and guests are out there?

Tourist Market trends: Is there a long-term future for my lodging business? What trends are going on in the tourism marketplace that will affect my business in the next five to ten years?

Feasibility studies/profitability analysis: Will I be able to make a profit?

Marketing tools: How should I market to potential customers, guests, and tourists?

Competitive analysis: Who are my competitors? Do I have something to offer that is unique enough to make me stand out from them?

Benchmarking: How much money do other companies in this business usually make? How do they operate? What makes the successful ones successful?

Tourism Lodging Business plans: How can I get the money I need to get my business off the ground? How do I put together a business plan?

Research Tools for New and Established Businesses

The following is a list of some of the research tools we use to get you the answers you need:

Primary Research

Guest surveys (mail, phone, Internet)

Tourism focus groups

One-on-one interviews

Competitive shopping

Secondary Research

Trade publications and travel associations

Published tourism research studies and reports

Government databases

Proprietary/private subscriber-based databases

Travel publications

Media tracking services

Internet search engines

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